R⁵py – rapid realistic routing with Python#

A map showing the Helsinki metropolitan area, and how walking slowly changes the efficieny of the public transport network.
An analysis using travel time matrices made with r5py

R⁵py is a Python library for rapid realistic routing on multimodal transport networks (walk, bike, public transport, and car). It provides a simple and friendly interface to R⁵, the Rapid Realistic Routing on Real-world and Reimagined networks, a routing engine developed by Conveyal. r5py is inspired by r5r, a wrapper for R, and it is designed to interact with GeoPandas GeoDataFrames.

R5py offers a simple way to run R⁵ locally with Python, allowing the users to calculate travel time matrices and accessibility by different travel modes. To get started, take a look at the user manual that includes a detailed demonstration of r5py in action. Over time, r5py will be expanded to incorporate other functionalities from R⁵.